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Prussia: We can achieve anything
Spain: We don’t need any reason
France: At this age
All: Our daily life

Prussia: I’m truly invincible
Spain: Being energetic is the best
France: Love is my driving power
All: Each of us in our own way

France: You're so cute mon amour
Prussia: I'm enraptured by you
Spain: 'Cause I'm a man, please excuse me.

All: Bold everyday,
Spain: Let’s go!
France: The world is forever spinning
Prussia: Strongest! So cheerful!
Spain: And so mischievous!
France: Entrusting body to loquacious passion
Let’s spend our days in the colour of roses
Prussia: In my awesome way

Spain: Laughing a lot!
Prussia: So much fun alone!
France: Finest-quality rendezvous!
Prussia and Spain: Everybody’s early afternoon

France: Strikes and
Prussia: blog updates
Spain: and siestas are essential!

All: Free sentiment
France: Do you want to know?
Prussia: I won’t ever stop
Spain: Harvest is so much fun!
France: Let’s talk about love
Prussia: Solitary passion is the best, too!
Spending our days in cheerful mood
Spain: Under the sun

All: Bold everyday!
Prussia: Let’s go!
Spain: The world is forever spinning
France: Voluptuousness and pursuit of beauty
Prussia: So greedy!
Spain: Talkative passion is good too, isn’t it!
Let’s make tomorrow cheerful too

France: Glowing in my heart
All: Holding our own values!

Random Favourites

 photo 0fff398d-fc41-4c72-9616-7ca104152ced_zps4b7ef9b8.jpg


Warning: I believe a character can date multiple people as long as they're the same person. Example, a Prussia is dating a Hungary. He can date another Hungary because they're the same person. This does not apply to 2Ps if they're dating a 1P. If you do not like this then you can request that this doesn't happen.

Prussia's Relationships.

:iconsilesia-of-austria: ich liebe dich. Please don't ever leave me.


:iconmacadamia18: you're a bit crazy but you're a great friend. I'm glad I met you.

:iconaskhrexchibitalia: people don't need friends their own age and you proved that, Italy. You're such a sweet little girl and a good friend.

:iconi-am-italia: you're such a random funny guy that makes awesome pasta. You're a great friend.

:iconaskaikouzumaki: you're pretty cool for a woman. It's amusing how you think you're so strong.

:iconalice-vessalius-rp: you're a bit mean to me but I like you.

:iconask-lil-bro-trio: you're an awesome little bruder, west. I know I annoy you but that's how I show mein love. If you need anything I'm always there for you.

:iconludwig-beilschmidtrp: you're so mean to me but I love you, bruder.

:iconaskhrexchibitalia: HRE, you're such a stubborn chubby boy but you're a great little bruder.

:iconaskteenageholyrome: you're growing up too fast, little bruder. I need to mess with you while you're still young or you'll be old enough to fight back, keses.

:iconaskfemprussiakeesese: my awesome sister! She's like me but with boobies. She's awesome for a woman.

:iconbrandenburgaph: I've spent a lot of time with you in the past and now we meet again, bruder. Lets go get majorly drunk as celebration, keses.

:icontwo-sisters-one-fate: I can't believe I'm an uncle. Anyway, I'll always be there for you little girls, despite your thoughts on me.

:iconthegreatgermania: You brought much pain to mein butt in the past and still are but I love you, vati.


:iconneehima: she's not awesomer then me!

:iconbecomeone-da: I hate you for obvious reasons, Russian.

France's Relationships.



:iconaskaikouzumaki:: such a sweet and cute girl you are. If anyone breaks your heart again I'm here to comfort you.

:iconpet-madison: my sweet little girl. I'm a bit upset you're in love with eyebrows but if you're happy then I'll try to be happy too. For you.

:icondont-call-me-iggy: I hate you being with my sweet little girl but since you're making her happy I'll let it continue. I love to see her happy. You can imagine what I'll do to you if you make her unhappy, oui?



Spain's Relationships.

:icondamsel-tomato: Lovina, you are like a gorgeous tomato in my eyes. I could eat you up but then I wouldn't be able to kiss you! Te amo. I hope you'll be with me forever and ever.


:iconaskaikouzumaki:: I don't know much about you but you make me think of Romano. Not sure if that's a good thing or a bad thing.







Accounts of our admin: :iconbrothers-for-life::iconcaught-in-the-middle::iconthe-italy-brothers::iconbrother-and-sister::iconask-the-nordic5::iconthe--forgotten--one::iconthe-mindfreaks:

((Sorry I haven't been on this account much.

Journal Entry: Mon Apr 14, 2014, 3:38 PM
I think my inbox is intimidating me and making me flee. I seriously need to nuke it soon. I've taken an interest in my Italy account for the moment so head over there and talk to those crazy Italians! :dummy: The-Italy-Brothers

Ps. It's so weird RPing the other side of a pairing. I usually rp Spain in spamano but over there I'm Romano. XD It feels so backwards and weird! Lol!))

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You wish you were this awesome.
Hallo, everyone! Welcome to this awesome account!

The most fabulous account on DeviantART!

Si and it's all run by us!

The awesome Bad Touch Trio! The awesomest trio ever!

It is made up of Prussia, moi and Spain.

We should introduce ourselves, amigos.

Ja. I'll go first. I am the leader of this trio.

 photo 760ef254-a5fd-487c-bac4-6480575dcd41_zps5919ce6d.jpg

I'm Prussia and I'm awesome! I'm a sexy albino with a sexy German accent. Chicks can't stay away from me. Most people think I'm dead but that's not completely true. I'm a micronation now and I'm trying mein hardest to become a kingdom again. I have a little bruder that I love to annoy. It's amusing to me and no one else can do it. If you bother or hurt him I'll hunt you down like a dog and kill you. One last thing, I'm awesome!

Si. You are very awesome, amigo.

Keseses, you bet I am!

Spain, don't agree. You're encouraging him to say it more.

Oh, ok.


Honhon. It's my turn now.

 photo 9967294b-88ec-441e-8873-897b198c8ea3_zpscb58de72.jpg

 photo 5fdf224a-39d5-4ef7-b47f-7621f077dac5_zps98029a46.jpg

 photo 97323240-cbc8-4f81-93f4-816d725e2e17_zpscb4fa30d.jpg


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"Francey-Pants~ How are you? It's been awhile, non?~" The Andorran lady said with a little playful wink. 
((I wonder if you know who I am .3. ))
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Gajeelfangirl101 2 days ago  Student General Artist
"Marhaban, you three." The Syrian said in her same cold voice. (( Hi __
"Um...France, I wanted to talk with you..." Aiko played with her hair and spoke in a soft voice.
Mercí for the watch
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" Hey France ! " Scotland smiled as she walked over to the french man she was back from Englands and was actully happy after seeing him which was a surpise.
"FRRRAAAANNNCCCCEEEEE~!!" She's drunk as fuck. "HAPPPPYYY BIRTHDAY TO---" She falls onto his lap. "--MEEE!!"
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((Thank you for the watch! :) ))
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Oster-reich Apr 2, 2014  New member
[ Thank you very much for the watch ~ ]
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Damsel-Tomato Apr 2, 2014  New member
*hugs spain from behind* e...espana~ *blushes*
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AskLokiAndBrazil Mar 24, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
The female brazilian was bored as heck and was walking out in the town at night. She was looking at the sky and smiling at how pretty it was. She didn't notice people infront of her though.
((Re-using process GO! //WIGGLES Oh, um, cHibi! France? :3)

A small figure stood behind the empires home, her body quaking with a mixed feeling of terror and happiness. On one hand, her act of setting the circus ablaze made her feel better. On the other hand, she knew that the flame would never kill the terrors inside. Such odd emotions to be together. Her wings wrapped around her like a blanket. Her eyes narrowed. "I must stay up, for my life may be on the line tonight."
It was already night when she had gotten behind that building. It was very cold. And windy. Why had God sent her here, of all places? Was there possibly a force here that would watch over her? She sat on the wet grass and dozed off.

((Hope it's good! >w<))
Dark-Romania Mar 22, 2014  Hobbyist Artist
(Thank you for the watch)
(1 Reply)
MortalInstruments14 Mar 18, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Hi :3 I love you guys u r awesome especially you prussia u guys are always making me laugh ^_^ you are my favorite countries Adios Amigos ^_^  oh and Antonio, Como Estas?
"A-Ah, Arigato for the watch, Prussia-Kun, Spain...France." 
*smiles* ¡gracias! for the watch~
(1 Reply)
W--affles Mar 17, 2014  New member
(( thanks for the watch!))
(1 Reply)
Feliciana-V Mar 15, 2014  New member
((Thank you so much for the watch!!

your webcam is beautiful ok

I spent ten minutes laughing my ass off watching it))

Si, thank you! = 7 =
(1 Reply)
d-for-deutschland Mar 12, 2014  New member Hobbyist
the bad touch trio
an awesome trio if you ask me
(1 Reply)
AwesomeInFour Mar 12, 2014
(THANK YOU MUCH FOR THE WATCH! Your account is beautiful, ok-)
(1 Reply)
XxOpalCrescentxX Mar 10, 2014  Hobbyist Artist

(the closest word i know to awesome, since awesome isnt in german xD)
(1 Reply)
((Thankyou for the watch! Is there a specific version you'd like to RP with?))
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((Thanks for the watch!~ ♥))
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L-uxuria Mar 7, 2014  New member
[Merci for the watch<3] 
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