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Prussia Sprite by Moon-Potato
Prussia is an egoistical albino that's constantly talking about how awesome he is. He always thinks high of himself even after the fall of his kingdom but to be honest, his egoistical ways has become a coping mechanism since that day. Inside, he's truly a broken man that continues to mourn internally over the death of his kingdom. He sees himself as nothing but a living ghost now. What you see when talking to him is just a mere mask he wears so perfectly. He loves to drink beer on his free time. His beer intake probably puts him on the borderline of being an alcoholic but he doesn't care. He can handle his alcohol pretty well.


France Sprite by Moon-Potato
France is a man that can seem a bit pervy at times and he have a habit of showing too much affection but there's more to him than meets the eye. He has a gentle soul with a big heart in his chest. He's able to see the beauty in things most people can't. Skinny, fat, healthy, disabled, you're all perfect in his eyes. He believes everything has it's own beauty and that only judgmental people would disagree with this. He believes love should not be forced upon and it isn't true love if it is. He calls himself big brother France sometimes due to him always willing to lend an ear to you or give you advice if you ever need help.


Spain Sprite by Moon-Potato


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The awesome, the flirty, and the stupid.


Prussia, France, and Spain are very different from each other. They have different personalities, different interests, and a different outlook on life. Despite their night and day differences though, they have formed a bond that is stronger than any other friendship. The friendship of three started hundreds of years ago and it has only gotten stronger since then. On their free time from work, they are almost always seen together. Whether it's at the bar, at each other's home, or annoying the hell out of Austria. They're most likely together as the BTT, Bad Touch Trio. Their friendship may seem sweet, just best friends forever hanging out and having a good time together. However, get to know them and you'll find out trouble is often not too far away when they're near. They are quite mischievous when they're together, causing trouble with their pranks and crazy stunts whenever they can. Having Prussia as a ringleader though, this is to be expected.


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Sakura didn't know how she got into this situation.  One minute it's nice and sunny, the next pouring rain.  She somehow ended up staying with the BTT until the rain stopped, which didn't look like anytime soon.
She sighed as she picked up a manga she had brought with her and began reading trying her best to avoid conversation, although she knew it was inevitable.
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It was early morning in Prussias home. The sun was just peeking over the horizon and light began flooding into the house. Something was amiss, though. There was someone here who wasn't supposed to be here, and he was kneeling right next to the Prussians face, observing him while he was sleeping.
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If there was something the demon ignored, that was the mystery of what happened to his brother so it's no wonder why the blond literally ran after the albino and friends when he spotted him, he looked so much like his brother, awfully much.
disguised as a human, Wolfrik kept himself distant enough to see clearly that man.
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